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November 16, 2016

I rethought my approach to the bitmap fonts tool. I was self-hosting 2,000+ public domain fonts from various sources, scripting a JSON descriptor to tie things together, and loading the TTFs as data urls. I’ve moved to the Google Fonts API. That drops the collection to around 800+ font families (with 1,700+ veriants), but it’s a cleaner interface that doesn’t use gigs and gigs of storage on my side of things. The work-in-progress is live...

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November 8, 2016

That New Site Smell! The updated branding for FannyPack as is pretty much complete. In the process, I’ve discovered several new tools that I would like to include in the suite. This site is hosted on GitHub Pages, using one of my OSS projects, Jaytch - a bootstrap-based template and helper for Jekyll. My work is based on that of Jekyll-Bootstrap by @plusjade, but adds a metric crapton of new widgets and snippets. —...

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